Monday, October 19, 2009

Looking for an apartment in Bangalore! Help!

I am looking to rent a 2 BHK (2 bedroom, 2 bathroom hall kitchen) apartment (not an independent house) in Bangalore, 1200+ sq ft. I want a quiet (so no ground floor flats), well lit (surprising how many apartments in Bangalore don't have good windows) apartment (with the usual "peripherals" - power and water backup, security, gym, swimming pool etc). Oh yeah and Airtel Connectivity. Airtel is the best ISP in Bangalore but don't cover all areas equally. I can't live without the Internetz - the main reason I don't live in Trivandrum.)

If any reader of this blog is an apartment dweller and would forward me info on any "to rent" flats, I would be very grateful. Navigating the completely broken apartment rental system in Bangalore is very painful. I would rather deal directly with the owner/renter if possible and not with a middleman, though wouldn't mind paying for a really good broker. (Most are completely clueless and just waste my time).

So if you know anyone renting a nice apartment, do send an email or tweet. Thanks in advance.

PS: I am not changing my marital status (bachelor) or food habits (non vegetarian) to "qualify" for an apartment! ;-)

Update: Found an apartment that meets all my criteria (Thanks to this blog entry! Thanks Vishy! Thanks Prakash! I owe you both a beer!).

The agreement is not signed yet, but the owners seem to be very nice people so I don't anticipate much difficulty. Touch Wood.

Update 2: The rent agreement was signed today. Thanks to everyone who sent in reccomendations. Blogs are useful things after all!