Thursday, November 27, 2008

Introducing MegaCorp

In the past I often wanted to write about something I saw in the office that made me stop and think, but I decided not to because it would mean I had to name names.

So from now any organization I work for/with will be "MegaCorp" as in "Today at MegaCorp the CEO gave a speech on ... ". So "MegaCorp" is an amalgam of various companies I (or sometimes my friends) worked at, but I won't be giving specifics.

So here is a story.

Once upon a time at MegaCorp, just as India and Pakistan went through one of the sham "we are going to nuke you off the face of the Earth" type bluster sessions, the American Consulate issued a notification to US citizens to leave India because of "imminent threat of war", one American manager (let's call him Sam) almost literally ran for his life, and the team was puzzled when he didn't turn up the next day. Yet another American manager (let's call him Bill) stayed cool (and stayed on) and went about business as if nothing had happened. In a week or two, the governments of India and PAkistan got tired of staring at each other and it was business as usual. The next time Sam said things like "We are all in this together. We are all MegaCorpers! " , the Indians just smirked. Bill got unstinting co operation for the rest of his stay at MC.

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