Friday, May 1, 2009

The Ruby on Rails Soap Opera

The RoR "community" has the tendency to break out into episodes of frenzy over the most absurd events - a "feature" I am personally grateful for, since it helps said community attract and retain a very specific type of software developer, thus keeping him away from the more pragmatic and well engineered frameworks, an unstinted blessing for the rest of us un-hip developers.

The latest kerfluffle is about a presentation someone made at a conference. (The one before that was the programmers at Twitter converting a chunk of their *own* code from Ruby to Scala - you get the idea).

Anyhoo, if you have a couple of hours to kill and/or feel strongly about feminism/free speech, Martin Fowler does a good job of extracting the main threads out of the maelstrom and clarifying the issues. The conclusions are a little shaky (especially the "win against the suits by promoting women" idea), but a brilliant job nonetheless.

So, beyond the fact that I am happy that this long dead and decaying horse is being whacked less and less as the days go by what do *I* think about the fundamental issues?

"I pensieri stretti & il viso sciolto."


No, I don't think what you think I think , but pensieri stretti anyway. :-)

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