Sunday, March 21, 2010

What to do when "they" hate Indian developers

Some fellow posted on proggit

"Currently the top rated link on proggit is

"What did I do wrong? (or, how are you supposed to hire a programmer?)"

And the first rated comment is

What did I do wrong?
In the end, we went with the Indian company
Is this some kind of a clever troll?

As an Indian (and a partner at an Indian software consulting company), am I not supposed to be offended by this? Would your answer had been same had the company been an Israeli one? I see similar highly voted comments on proggit all the time, and its very infuriating, as obv. I generally like hanging out he

and titled it "Dear Proggit: why the hatred for India?"

My answer

"(I am an Indian programmer living in India) You are just being too sensitive. Except for some xenophobic rednecks, no one hates India. There are plenty of unskilled Indian "developers" especially in the enterprise sw outsourcing companies who can't code to save their lives and it is only natural that people who have been burned once are leery about outsourcing work to Indian companies.

The way to fix this is to do good work, more specifically write great code. The Japanese did exactly this in manufacturing, turning around their reputation form a producer of cheap low quality gee gwas to master sof mnufacturing. Whining is useless.

Just do good work. Then do better. Rinse. repeat. The reputation and "hate" will take care of themselves.

I am so tired of Indian developers being ultra "sensitive" and doing everything but write good code.

An even shorter version of my answer is "Shut up and Code."

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