Friday, August 20, 2010

Who (and what) I would like to see at DevCamp

Comments, requests and suggestions on my last post are pouring in (re: my last post). Thanks everyone. One of the folks who sent me email asked "Who would *you* like to see speaking at DevCamp, assuming they are in India and willing to deliver a talk, and on what?"

Hmm. Interesting question. I haven't really thought about this very deeply but here is a quick response(very busy day, no time to edit, link to home pages etc, sorry)

In no particular order,

(1) Debashish Ghosh on deep Scala programming. This guy is really good.

(2) Baishampayan Ghose on the technical aspects of

(3) Bhasker Kode on Erlang at

(4) Peter Thomas - guru on things Wicket-ey, speaking of things wicket-ey. (Due disclosure , old friend of mine)

(5) Narayan Raman on *the evolution* of Sahi (and on running a company based around an open source tool he wrote. How cool is that?)

(6) Anyone from c42 or ActiveSphere on the challenges of setting an n-man (n < 7) consultancy and competing with the big boys (due disclosure both companies built by ex tw -ers. I know a few of them)

(7) Anyone (technical) from FlipKart. They seem to be doing good things (I am a satisfied customer) and I am interested in how they tackle the huge challenges in building (for e.g) reccomendation systems.

(8) Anyone at all in India doing serious work in Haskell (Scala would do).

(9) Anyone building/working in a *technically* challenging startup (Notion Ink, say) on their *technical* challenges.

(10) ThoughtWorkers hacking on stuff, on what they are hacking on. TW ers in general have all kinds of side projects going. The two Viveks (Prahalad and Singh) would be a good start.

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Anonymous said...

Karthik K and team at WeRead (Lulu India) on how they built a reco engine and how they released it through a dev API and the users for the same :)

(disclosure, i work at Lulu)

- Manoj B