Wednesday, April 1, 2009

DevCamp Bangalore is like BarCamp Bangalore

without all the vague weirdos (SEO folks, "entrepreneurs" who have "ideas" and are looking for some developers to "join the startup"/code for free, "movie enthusiasts" etc) who throng BCB.

The idea of a devcamp is that it is an "unconference" for *developers* (hereby defined as people who work on interesting stuff, not a warm body who does J2EE/ ROR crap in the office and never breaks open an editor away from work).

In an ideal case (a) there would no hangers on, everybody would be presenting (b) there would be no "Introduction to Fad of the day" type sessions, and more "here is some code I was working on and here is what is interesting from an *experienced* programmer's pov" type sessions.

DevCamp Bangalore 2 is being held at ThoughtWorks on April 10, 2009. So if you are a good developer with some insightful code to demo, please attend. (I am not in Bangalore that weekend and so won't be attending. My experience report of last years Devcamp is here)

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