Friday, April 10, 2009

Hey I know that lady!

Outlook India has an article on Ministhy Dileep, a DM (District Magistrate) who has been raising hackles in the badlands of Indian politics by scrupulously enforcing the laws.

Ministhy was my batchmate at the College Of Engineering Trivandrum. Ministhy was doing her BTech in Electronics while I "studied" Industrial Engineering. (The quotes around studied == I was never in class and was always doing other .. ahh .. interesting things, while Ministhy was a model student).

Anyhow it is good to see her play such a crucial role in the functioning of our democracy.

Way to go Mini!


Anonymous said...

UP is a dangerous place. She should learn to fear.

Ravi said...

Ministhy is completely fearless. She'll be match for the riff raff Iam sure.