Sunday, January 11, 2009

Christianity and Rome

"Christianity didn't conquer Rome, Rome took over Christianity" - this is what MegaCorp is beginning to feel like.

The initial mandate from the CxO folks was to run [the division I work in] like a startup and damn the corporate bureaucracy. In the last few weeks, however the walls have been closing in and I feel more and more like I am in a division in a large and slow moving company.

Today is my birthday and I took some time off to think about what is important in life. Some of the key factors I came up with was working with good people and systems. The former holds good in MegaCorp (surprisingly enough) but the latter is very classical dysfunctional corporat-ey. Tomorrow (Monday) I'm having a discussion with the powers that be and if certain things aren't fixable, I'm going back to my startup-y/ consulting y life style, where I can focus on providing customer value and pursuing technical excellence.


sunayana said...

Happy Birthday! :)

Ravi said...

At my age, a birthday is just a marker of one more year going by without too much significant achievement.


Anonymous said...

Ravi, belated birthday wishes.


Venkatesh said...

Belated wishes ., how did the fixing session at Megacorp go. Interestingly, we share a birthday.

Ravi said...

at MegaCorp, the matter is "under discussion".

Conveying logic to middle management is never a very optimistic endeavor!

Still, Karmanyeva .... :-)