Sunday, January 11, 2009

Satyam and Nemesis

from Live Mint,

"What separated Satyam from rivals such as a Tata Consultancy Services Ltd or an Infosys Technologies Ltd was Raju’s preference for executives and associates who spoke the same language he did: Telugu.
“For Raju, family, caste and those who could speak Telugu came first. I am not saying he was not a professional, but other things being equal, he would look at things in that order,” said a former employee of Satyam Infoway Ltd,"

Any moron who'd run a company this way (and I've heard some horror stories fromSatyam including that of a high level manager who'd always conduct a meeting in Telugu, irresepctive of if the attendees spoke Telugu or not. India has about 22 official languages and over 2000 dialects) deserves everything he gets.

Why would anyone want to work for morons like this? fwiw, My headhunter friends tell me they are seeing a flood of resumes from Satyam.

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