Thursday, January 8, 2009

One Strength at a Time

An earlier version of MegaCorp (let's call it Avalon) had extremely strong technical skills and moved very fast. Customer Focus was mediocre and this had deleterious effects. The present version (let's call it Valhalla) has very strong customer focus (it is almost religion) but extremely poor technical capabilities (to the point where the code bases and management structures are very dilbertian and would have given Avalonians heart attacks) and moves very slowly.

Avalon had almost zero politics. Valhalla is very political. Both have good people though the "goodness" is focussed differently.

I wish somewhere someone would combine technical and managerial excellence and customer focus. That said my "I am here to build good products and politics be damned" mental shield seems to serve me well, though it is beginning to fray at the edges and I find myself occasionally asking if I should be doing something else.

I'll give it some time and then do a rethink.

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